Jean Charles Belliard
Le son du gif de la semaine

Projet Artstrument©

Zarbis is a copyrighted work by Keith for the Artstrument© invented by Jean Charles Belliard and Keith Victor Riby. For the last six years, Jean Charles Belliard (Artist Painter) and Keith Riby (Musician Composer) have been working on the creation of an instrument (Artstrument©) which combines Sound, Colour and Form. They have created a syntax which obeys both the laws of harmony and colour. The project artstrument © could be a new way of creating for everyone. The syntax could be of immense benefit to the hard of hearing and deaf people. It could enable a completely innovative access to music, not only enabling interpretations of existing compositions but also perhaps lead to a new art form. All rights reserved © For further information, contact Jean-Charles or Keith